Lavender honey

What is Lavender?

Lavender (Lavandula vera). is a perennial plant which is used in the medicine, aromatherapy and it is use by the bees to make a very sweet honey. The upper part of the plant is strongly branched and forms a tuft up to 60 cm of high or more. The number of flowers on one tuft reaches more than 2000, that makes it very instagramable 😉.  Lavender blooms usually in July and that extend the bee’s prime forage as well as the honey season in Bulgaria. Honey yields in areas where Lavender is more widespread increase significantly.

From one acre of Lavender the bees can collect around 50 kg of honey. Compared to sunflower, buckwheat, rape and etc. lavender performs much better.

Lavender honey has a golden color, a pleasant aroma and a rich taste, it crystallizes smoothly into fine grains.

The healing power of lavender honey has been known since ancient times, it does not irritate the stomach and is easily absorbed by the body, helps with a number of diseases and calms the nervous system.

Rich in enzymes it facilitates the functions of the digestive system. It is known all over the world as a means of combating migraines and insomnia, as well as for soothing all kinds of internal pain.

The natural lavender honey in combination with cinnamon and turmeric has a good effect on heart activity and in combination with lemon juice, milk or herbal tea, helps with batteling the colds.

Just one spoonful of honey before bed will help you sleep more peacefully.

Won’t you a have a spoon… a full one 😊?

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