Coffee and tea

Bulgaria’s herbal flora is one of the richest in Europe. There are more than 750 types of healing natural herbs suitable for almost every medical condition. The herbal teas that we offer are made in three simple steps:
1. We gather the herbs from the nature, clean and dry the herbs
2. We cut them in a specific way to preserve all the healthy qualities of the herbs
3. We pack them

Nothing else! We choose the shortest way to bring you the healthy herbs of Bulgaria.

We offer the tea packed in boxes according to our clients requirements, or we offer the herbs in bigger packaging – skipping step 2 or step 3.

Herbal tea

Rosa canina
Balkan’s flavors
Sambucus nigra

Best teas of Bulgaria

  • Linden tea the fragrant herb contains vitamin A, vitamin C, glycosides, aglycones, tannins, saponins, sugars, bitter substances and more. The property of linden tea to help with colds is well known. It helps strengthen the body’s, relieves sore throat and cough. SEE HERE
  • Elderflower this herbs helps people with colds, bronchitis, runny nose, fever, sore throat, tuberculous cough, as an emollient for hoarseness. Enhances cell growth, accelerates healing processes. Paws of steamed flowers are used for difficult to heal wounds, rheumatism, swelling and gout. SEE HERE×0
  • Rose hip tea is rich in vitamin C and minerals that stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. With its daily intake, you will ensure the good tone of your body. It rich in vitamin C, other useful substances included in the composition of rose hips are carotene, vitamin B2, K1 and P. Sugars, pectin substances and organic acids are found. The seeds also contain a fatty oil rich in vitamin E. They strengthen the capillaries and help for a better process in the cells. The fruits of the plant are applied for a serious illness, increasing the body tone and helps the metabolism.
  • Ironwort or Mursala tea is one of the medicinal plants in our country, due to the large amount of flavonoids it contains, it has antioxidant, strengthening and antianemic action, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack. It has long been used to treat diseases of the respiratory system – coughs and bronchitis.
  • Nettle has many vitamins in it. It also contains iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The leaves of the plant are rich in acetylcholine and histamin. The herb is also rich in protein, including those that are not produced in the body, but are obtained through food. This makes it a valuable supplement for teenagers and vegetarians. Nettle is also very rich in vitamins K and B2.
  • Lavender has sedatives, analgesics, disinfectants and diuretics. It is used for neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis, migraine. Helps for good sleep and soothes the body and breath. A cup of lavender tea can relax you before bed and help you have a healthier sleep.


We ship green coffee beans from all over the world, roasting and delivering great quality coffee is our mission. From arbica and robusta to bio coffee, each of our coffee blends highlights the richness and unique coffee flavors native to the country of origin. Our coffees deliver an intense aroma, sweet notes, medium to high body and acidity. We’re  driven to bring a richer and better coffee to our customers.


The lighter coffees express more of their local peculiarities – the tastes created by their variety,  altitude, soil and climatic conditions of the area in which they are grown. The local tastes of darker roasted coffees are replaced with those created by the roasting process. The darker the coffee, the harder to define the origin of its taste.