Einkorn a super food

It all started 18 000 years ago…

Archaeologists have founded remains of einkorn wheat in the lands around the delta of the river Nile and the Egyptian pyramids as well as in the Thracian tombs (located today on the territory of the Bulgarian republic), that is why the einkorn is known as the “Ancient wheat of the Pharaohs” and “The bread of the Thracians”.

Einkorn is the root stock (the mother and father) of all wheats that we eat today. All wheats varieties created later, originate from the einkorn. The einkorn is the only wheat that grows in its rudimental form, all other types of wheat are modified with human interventions and crossbreeding of different crops. That is why all modern crops are very fragile and need chemical treatment. The einkorn is the only wheat that does not absorb all harmful substances, chemicals and heavy metals from the soil.

Health & Human benefits:

• The use of einkorn has a stabilizing effect on the nervous system, memory and reactions.  It improves the immune system

• It affects the hormone of happiness, because after consuming einkorn a person feels calmer and happier, with an uplifted mood.

• Researches have shown that einkorn has a positive effect on reproductive functions and conception.

• Einkorn contains a minimal amount of gluten, which does not cause allergic reactions. This makes it a suitable food for people suffering from gluten intolerance (celiac disease)

• Regular consumption of einkorn improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair and strengths the bones

• It improves the condition and function of the spleen and pancreas

• In the structure of the einkorn are included substances related to the maintenance of a healthy musculoskeletal system

Einkorn for weight loss

The thick shell of the grains is a rich source of dietary fiber. This substance helps to improve digestion and remove excess fluid from the body, as a result of which swelling and heaviness disappear. Vegetable proteins, saturated with amino acids and complex carbohydrates, are absorbed for a long time and do not cause a sharp jump in blood glucose, thus providing a long feeling of satiety and preventing overeating. The use of two cereal types helps lose weight, einkorn wheat should be one of them.

Einkorn for diabetics

Due to the fact that this einkorn has a low glycemic index of 45 units, it can be the basis of the diet of diabetics. Vegetable proteins and B vitamins in cereals are also indispensable in the diet of people suffering from diabetes. These vitamins help to normalize high blood cholesterol. Einkorn is considered to prevent the occurrence or development of non-insulin dependent diabetes.

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